Friday, January 8, 2010

Twist my arm a little more...

So, I've heard from several of you that the idea of having a weekly place to share your 365 projects is an appealing one.

I can resist no longer, I'll host it -- actually, my motives are purely selfish: I've talked so many people into trying this, that I feel obligated to keep up with all of you, and it'll be easier this way :)

I also think it's easier to stay motivated if you know that you have somewhere to share your pictures.

But, I want a little input from the peanut gallery:

1. Which day of the week works for the most number of people?  I have always posted on the 7th day (no, not the Sabbath, the 7th, 14th and on and on), which will be Thursday this year, but we don't have to keep it that way.

2. Give me some ideas of what to call it -- I'm leaning towards Bob, myself.

3. Our dear friend, Cecily, has graciously offered her button making skills, but I need to supply her a picture. Which of the following pictures would you like to look at, week after week after week after week?

Give me a few days, and I'll have it all pulled together.


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

I love this idea!! And I love that you are hosting it!! I was really hoping for a place to find other people who are trying this!! I love the idea of posting Thursday evening/Friday morning (gives me time to get the 7th day picture and edit it as needed).

AS for the button - I am torn, they are all really good - I think the last one is my favorite. I associate that image with your blog already and to me it really captures what this is all about (like you said to me, capturing life as we live it).

Thanks for offering to do this.

Terri said...

Oh thank you! You can be Baron of the 365. Day of the week really doesn't matter to me. I was planning to do Sunday, but I'm very flexible about that.

I love the jelly beans. And the balloons.

What to call it ... One a Day? nah. Day at a Time? nooo. It's All in a Day's Photo? hmmmm.... The Daily Shot.

Holly said...

What? No way. I can't put my photos up next to yours.

Cecily R said...

Since I associate you with that last shot that's my pick. It's like your signature. And I'm good with any day you choose. I 'll link up with my post even if you do it on Thursdays too.

Heidi said...

Yay! I am so glad that you are going to let us know who else is participating. I love seeing what everyone else comes up with.
I personally picked Tueday as my day to post becuase I didn't have a permanant post for the day. But whatever works, I can always post and just sign up whenever you post the links.
As for the picture, I think you should do a picture of yourself taking a picture with the numbers 365 written on them. But that's just a suggestion. I like any of them.
And you could call it, um Urins. It's catchy. J/K
You could just call it three-sixty-five or project 365 or lifetime commitment. Whatever works.

Maria Berg said...

I love the first one. When you make a button you need space so you can see the text and I hope that the fist one have enough (most be one with clear background to make it easier).

So you doing 365 that way. I have 365 meme I have to follow BUT can take them in what order I want.
If you do host this 365 I would like to join you to.

About your song, I know Bob marly and the sound track to Lion king the other was kind of new to me maybe if I lissen to them I know some more.

I proud that you did not give up on the self portrait, 200 times is what it takes (even more some times).

Have a nice weekend, MB

I was thinking you do not med a clear background if you want text on the outside!
Not jellybeans or ballon because it remands me of the meme color carnival.

Maria Berg said...

Hi me again,

Read Liz and yes the last one - capturing life as we live it! MB

koreen (aka: winn) said...

The last photo seems to be the consensus. And I'm with Holly--no way could I follow your act. ;)

Mom24 said...

Yeah! Thank you.

I posted on Thursday because you always do. That works for me.

The picture has to be the one of you on the tramp.

Thanks again.

Pam Emmons said...

See, you do have a smart sis-in-law! Ok, my all time fave is the water pic, but I think for this, you should do the dandelion. Oh, and I don't care wht day.... I am 8 hours ahead of everyone so I don't really get to post when you guys do.

Emily said...

Well, since I'm not participating (although I do enjoy looking at others pictures) you probably don't think my vote counts...but, just in case you need a tie-breaker, I like the second picture for your button. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the dandelion or the picture of you. And I think with just "365" would be good. I think any day is fine although I'm partial to it being Thursday. I'd just link up both the 365 and PSF like I was planning to do regardless. ;) No matter what day of the week you list it I will link up my post that week.

I'm really glad you are taking on being the host - even if it is for selfish reasons. ;)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Yes, I like THAT photo for the button. :-) Any time you need my help deciding anything, I'm here for you.
That is so cool. COMPLETELY agree with naming it Bob and I think you are the BOMB for hosting (even though it's all your fault anyway) and Cecily is the sweetest ever.
I personally thought saturdays would be best... and then remembered saturdays are insane here.
Will we post there or just link up there? Does that mean I have to start showing all of my pictures and not just the ones I like?
I'm done now, my head hurts from all this thinking...

kayerj said...

I'm glad you took this on since you talked us all into joining. I vote for the jelly belly's . . . although my favorite picture of yours I saw all year was that awesome trampoline flip! Any day works for me, I'm posting on Saturday but will link up on any day.

Unknown said...

This is cool, just logging in from Australia. Love to see all your shots.

Lisa said...

I think Project 365 is a very appropriate name. :) Also, I like the photo of the sun reflected in the water.

Thank you so much for hosting -- this is going to be so much fun! I'm already having fun just taking the pictures and posting them. :O)

CC said...

cool idea. but like I already told you, I can't share my pics publicly :(

Corey~living and loving said...

dude this rocks.....

I'm not worried about the day. I can just link up whenever you do it. No biggy. :)

oh and the second shot, FOR SURE!

Deb said...

Hi ~ Just wandered over here after a day of exploring the blogosphere. I would like more info on the 365 if possible. Sounds fun and would keep me focused - maybe. Oh, and I like the jelly beans pic but that is probably only because I am not supposed to eat them. Take care.