Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Unique Perspective.


Let's give this "posting every day" thing another shot. 

A photographer's perspective is very unique.

If you're doing your job right, you'll disappear into the background, and when that happens you get the chance to see life happen.

We don't often get to stop and watch life being lived -- we're busy living in the moment. And that's ok.

But life is poetry, and that poetry is written in the smile lines, and the curve of our bodies and the way that we walk, and the way we hold one another, and the way our fingers lightly touch.  We smile like we never smile in photographs. We laugh and dance -- we let our guard down. We love with our whole hearts. Every smile and tear, each breath and embrace, writes another line in the poem of our lives.

And, as a photographer, I get to enclose myself in a small box, and watch the epic world story being written -- one child at a time, two lovers at a time. It's a rare opportunity, and one I've come to cherish more and more lately.

For many years my great photographic joy has been capturing the lives and adventure of my children's lives. But lately, I've found new passion and fulfillment in capturing the blossoming of young love, in the eyes and smiles, and embraces of couples starting out on the long, difficult, wonderful journey that is marriage. Each couple is unique, but they're all writing the same story.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures from the Engagement session with Kelsey and Matt.


Cecily R said...

Truer words never have been spoken (I know that's a misquote, but I am seriously running on fumes and it's all I got).

LOVE the pictures. The close ups are my faaaaavorite. I love that they are truly unique.

Pam Emmons said...

Awesome post, awesome pictures. Maybe some day I will fall into the photographer category like you. FOr now, I'll just read the words, though.
Seriously, you need to write a book.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Your words are as beautiful as your photos.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Meant to add, it makes me look/think about my photography in a different way again. I thought like you did before and now I'm back to it. It's more than a job for me, it's a passion and a chance to capture moments for others. I love it! Thanks for the reminder!

Michelle said...

You really must stay in your box because each of your sessions has been so different from the other, which would suggest that it really does reflect the couples personality.

Great job!

Kat said...

That is SO TRUE. A good photographer blends into the background and captures moments. TRUE!!!!
The photographer for our wedding got SO MANY amazing photos and after the wedding was done hubby and I remarked how we didn't even remember seeing the photographer anywhere. :)

I just love these photos! They are so unique. You really do have an eye. :)

kayerj said...

you are so very creative and I love how you think outside of the box. I always enjoy your pictures especially when you give your thoughts about them. But for me a picture must always be able to tell its own story. Speaking as a mother of five that has paid mucho bucks to a professional photographer for 5 graduations and 5 weddings--I'll tell you what I put the big money out on. I like the face shots that focus on my child. (I have only bought 3 personality shots from all those sittings.) Why? . . . because when it comes to looking at something every day, as a mother I want to see my child looking back at me. Especially when one picture (properly edited, finished and framed)can cost a few hundred dollars. Just a bit of advice . . . to think about. Remember when it comes to weddings, the parents are the ones who end up paying for the pictures and usually have the final say. Here's hoping you have just begun the road to a long and brilliant career.

kayerj said...

I thought I'd leave a link to my daughters bridal portrait session with Robert Dyer Photography--he is teaching classes. He has one scheduled for June 19th. He's been in the business for many many years and now feels like it's time to pass on some of his experience. He's a terriffic guy.


koreen (aka: winn) said...

The first and third are my favorites, but the last one is pretty cute, too. They are so lucky to have such a great collection of shots. =)

bless their hearts mom said...

what great shots! Wish you had been our engagement photo session photographer!