Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 21

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecilyand Mamarazzi

Does anyone remember when this blog had something interesting to say? That seems like a very long time ago...

Day 140

May 21: I used to think that I drank a lot of soda pop, because I do this every night. I fill up a glass with something -- this happens to be root beer (I can hear Emily now: Gross!) -- and I plop down in  front of the television to unwind for a few minutes.

I promptly fall asleep, and wake up around 1:00, and stagger to bed.

In the morning my glass of root beer is right where I left it, and usually just a little more full thanks to the melted ice cubes.

So, while I BUY a lot of soda pop, I'm not necessarily consuming it.

That's good, right?

Day 141

May 22: The Team.

They won some games, and some they lost.

When it was all said and done, they lived and died as a team.

All hands in, one last time.

Day 142

May 23: Our first harvest!

I like radishes. I don't necessarily LOVE radishes -- let's face it, no one sits around eating a bowl of radishes.

But, when they come from your own garden, they are delicious!

This is the first thing we have ever raised to maturity.

There may be hope for our children yet!

Day 143

May 24: The end of an era. 

We've watched 24, on the edge of our seats, from the very first episode back in 2001. 

Now what are we going to do between January and May?

Via con dios, Mr. Bauer. 

Day 144

May 25: Every morning I wake up, and as I walk out of my bedroom, I see my camera bag. Out of habit now, I immediately take mental note of the pictures I took the previous day. 

On Wednesday morning, that file was empty. 

I suppose it was inevitable -- but I made it longer than I did last year. 

That's a victory, right?

Day 145

May 26: I realize that I recently took a picture of my iPod. 

But, you see, that there is an i PAD!

My wife won't allow me to bring it to bed. 

So we cuddle on the couch, before bed time. 

Me and my iPad.

Day 146

May 27: This is not just a fine example of stunt photography -- all you need to know is that I took the picture, I was driving and I did not get pulled over (because I can smell a traffic cop from a mile away -- it's a long story) -- but it's also a fair representation of my Thursday evenings.

Leaving work late, having not taken a picture, driving like a maniac to get home and get the 365 post up, before soccer practice ends, or Pack meeting starts, or some other madness intrudes its way into the one night each week that I try to pay some attention to my blog. 

And my last name isn't even Murphy. 


WackyMummy said...

Day 145: All I have to say is: "Oh my."


kris... said...

You are a brave boy (referring to that last one and perhaps cuddling the ipad in bed thing)... maybe if you consumed something besides root beer... but hey, radishes? Already? Wow! I'm not sure anything has sprouted in my garden, but then, I don't live in Utah... just wrong.

Corey~living and loving said...

I'm sad for all the wasted pop.... :(

and radishes.....not a fan.

24....never saw it.

Day 144......I hate that when that happens.

an ipad????? wow.

love love love the driving shot.

Pam Emmons said...

Ok, the last shot proves you are a bit of a maniac.

I can't wait to watch 24.. Gonna check and see if it's on DVD today.

Make sure you stock up on Dr. Pepper when I'm there.

Emmy said...

I missed a day too.., right before we came to Utah, the night we were it happens.

And I very much approve of the iPad. I love mine.. I mean Eric's iPad :) It's too bad he took it back to California with him.

Emily said...

Gross! :)
And what is it about you guys falling asleep on the husband does that every night.
I feel the same way about LOST going off the air. I don't know if they can come up with another show that compares. Although I do like V and Fringe.
And I'm totally jonesing for an ipad I've heard so much about them lately. I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't have one!

Serline said...

Nice stunt photo, even nicer iPad. So envious... have a blessed weekend!

Kat said...

Your root beer story made me laugh. That's me! I always "drink" root beer after the kids go to bed at night, except I never really drink it all. HA!

That car shot scares me. ;)

Kelly Deneen said...

I don't know if I like radishes, but I bet I'd like them if I grew them. Woo hoo for your first harvest!!

I am SO jealous of your iPad.

I love the hanging out the car shot, and I can only imagine how that one occurred.

Krystyn said...

My husband does pretty similar. Well, except he drinks tea (he's English) and then falls asleep in the recliner...loaded with caffeine. Apparently, the chair induces quite the slumber.

And, thank goodness there was no ticket, that shot sure was brazen of you!

And, now you've showed your iPod and iPad..I'm jealous. The fruit company has no business from me...just saying.

Sharon said...

You're lucky to still HAVE a wife after buying that thing...bringing it to bed is definitely not an option! Just saying.

Mom24 said...

I love the driving picture, even if it does scare the crud out of me.

Congrats for making it as far as you did. :)

NICE Ipad. Touch jealous.

kaye said...

yum--radishes, you should be proud. If they turn out nice and crisp and not overly hot you've done very well. Radishes can actually be quite difficult to grow.

imbeingheldhostage said...

ooooh, ipad. Wait, did you say something? ipad....

cat said...

That last picture is plain scary. My hubby also fall asleep on the couch almost every night . And 24 - never really liked it. The music made me all nervous.

Honey Mommy said...

Wow. You putting your camera out the window like that makes me heart start to beat faster. It also makes my camera cry out in fear. Luckily I own the camera, not you!

I am so jealous that you own a iPad. Can I come over and touch it? Nevermind... that sounded wrong.

p.s. I know I am horribly late this week, but come see me anyway, ok?

Michelle said...

I so have iPad envy right now. I really want one, but I want a more advanced camera more. Actually I want a Viking stove more than I want either of those items.

I laughed at your dark forgotten shot and that shot out the car door. I have to try that, however I will try it as a passenger. With my hubby being a Judge I am not allowed to go into court and plead ignorance if I get a ticket for doing something like taking a picture while driving. :) But I'm not sure picture taking while driving is a ticketable offense.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Ummmm, yeah, INCREDIBLY jealous of your iPad..........