Wednesday, September 2, 2009

365: Week 35

Day 240

August 27: Just messing around with the bulb setting on my camera. This is a street light, I had to move the camera in the shape of a star -- not as easy as you might think.

Day 241

August 28: My friend Cecily and I have long talked of getting her Gracie and my Emma together -- we only hesitated out of fear for the impact it might have on the planet and all life as we know it. We finally tried it Friday night, and it turns out we all survived (you had no idea how close you came to annihilation did you?).

Here they had me spinning them on a tire swing. "Faster!" the shouted, "Faster!!!"

I finally had to walk away so that I didn't throw up.

Day 242

August 29: This is my niece Annie. She's three. She moved to Germany today (Wednesday the 2nd) for the next three years. She and I have had a very close relationship all of her life, and I hope she doesn't forget me. The last time she spoke to me was when she whispered in my ear, as she gave me that final hug, "I love you uncle Chris, I'm going to Germany."

I miss you already Annie.

Day 243

August 30: This is Cooper, Annie's little brother.

He wasn't sure what these things were, but he sure was proud of them.

Day 244

August 31: Remember when you were a kid, and the thing inside the cereal box was better than the cereal itself?

Well, with the release of the new Star Trek movie this summer, Kellogg's launched a promotional campaign which included these communicator buttons (I think that's what they're called -- I'm not a Trekkie, or Trekker or whatever it is they prefer to be called. I'm a Star Wars guy, and it pains me to admit that this Star Trek movie was better than all of the Star Wars prequels. It was VERY good.......but I digress....)

I wasn't planning on collecting these things, but the first three boxes of cereal I ate, back in May, yielded three different buttons. I was hooked. I got the fourth button sometime in June. And then I went dry. Kellogg's ended the promotion in July, so for the last month and a half I've been scouring the back, dusty corners of the cereal shelves. I've cleaned out Walmart and Target, and nearly finished off Albertson's -- and then today -- August 31!! -- as I opened the umpteenth box of Rice Crispies, there it was: THE FIFTH BUTTON!

I collect a LOT of things, but I'm not sure I've ever completed a collection of any kind.

I feel like I've made some real progress here. Oh, and if any of you are collecting these buttons, I have plenty of spares, of all but one...

Day 245

September 1: I have a way with little kids, I really do. I can make them laugh -- or at least smile -- in fairly short order. (I think we connect on a very basic level).

Except this one.

We had something of a neighborhood gathering tonight, and this little beauty was there. But she wouldn't smile at me for anything.

Maybe I'm losing my touch...

Day 246

September 2: Sometimes you just have to look up. And sometimes -- often times -- simplicity is beauty.


Corey~living and loving said...

loved the pics. that first one is awesome. How many takes did you do?

kayerj said...

oh I thought your two girls getting together was what made that little starry thing in the night sky :)

Annie is so sweet,
Cooper should be proud, those are some nice ones

I am a trekkie--and this movie was sooooo much better than all three starwars prequels. but I'm still pretty loyal to the original starwars.

your neighbor is so adorable
and that is some sound advice at the end.

Terri said...

Ohh, I have Star Trek communicator lust!!! Haven't seen that movie yet.

Love that first one, I've gotta try that one of these nights. Turned out cool!

Annie's going to miss her uncle a lot. Cooper needs a little education.

Terri said...

I think you need to visit my Sepia Scenes for the week here. A bit of history that might interest you!

Emily said...

What is it about tire swings...they are just so fun! Glad the girls had a good time together.
What a cutie Annie is.
As for her brother...I'm actually at a loss for words on that one!
We have a ton of those laser thingies. I actually didn't see the Star Trek movie even though I wanted too...and I like Star Wars better. Harrison Ford, ya know!
Now that you have all 5, I guess you can call yourself a collector?

Heidi said...

I always love looking at the world through your camera. I learn so many wonderful things. Congratulations on completing your very first collection. And yes Star Trek blew all the new star wars out of the water. I laughed through the whole thing. I love star wars, but the new ones left a lot to be desired.
My Emma was sitting here with me looking at your pictures, when we got to your nephew's picture she asked "Why does that boy have such big boobs?" I couldn't answer her, maybe you could enlighten her.

Maggie May said...

Lovely photos & great that the two little girls got together & enjoyed themselves so much.
You will miss your little niece while she is in Germany.

{krista} said...

What is it with our very favorite and cute neices moving to Germany? I miss mine terribly (they moved there in January for three years!)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Great photographs as always. Your Annie...what a beauty and that photo in Sepia...amazing.

The one of Gracie and Emma...oh that is so perfect! Thank God the earth did not shatter from that meeting!