Wednesday, October 7, 2009

365: Week 40

Day 275

October 1: Red meat and fire. That's all a man really needs.


Day 276

October 2: I did it. In the Billiard Room. With the wrench.

(By the way, have you ever seen the movie? It's hilarious -- I'll crawl over broken glass to watch Madeline Kahn in anything).

Day 277

October 3: It was cold. And getting colder -- that's why Matthew is wearing nine layers of clothing on the third day of October.

Matt may not be the fastest kid on the soccer field, but he's a pretty good keeper. He saved the goal right here -- I was hoping to catch the ball going into his arms, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of these sports action shots.

Day 278

October 4: This is what 37 birthday candles, fighting for space, looks like.

It was an inferno.

Oh the humanity.

Day 279

October 5: These are Emma's idea of an appropriate birthday present.

Mine too!

Day 280

October 6: This is our very ornate hummingbird feeder.

It fed not a single hummingbird this summer. So, I thought I'd get SOME use out of it, and try a little psychedelia.

All the hummingbirds will want to drink from it next year (assuming we get the right mixture of sugar and water next time).

Day 281

October 7: A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, he hath borne me on his back a thousand times...


Terri said...

Happy Birthday to you. Geez, 37? Just a young pup. I can't wait to see what 60 candles look like on mine next year!

Once again, you bring smiles to my Wednesday night. Oh, and I stole your Monster Mash idea. Me, the spouse, the dog, a couple of borrowed kids.

Emily said...

Emma is hilarious! You must just laugh all the time around her.
I used to play soccer on our sorority team in college...I was always keeper manly b/c I cannot kick a ball and run at the same time. But I can catch anything.
Try coloring the humming bird food red...that color attracts them. I wish we could send some of ours your way...we had a ton and hummingbird fights often broke out.

Michelle said...

Red meat and fire may be all man, but that clean grill screams WOMAN!

Happy Birthday!

Soccer action shots aren't also isn't easy being the parent of a keeper!

I can't believe no hummingbirds wanted to visit your beautiful feeder.

Aaron said...

Raw meat....heck yeah

Clue - funniest ever (I'm shouting I'm Shouting I'M SHOUTING)

Soccer - Just hold the button down and let er of them is bound to turn out.

Happy Birthday old man. You are three years from 40. hahahahahahaha

Gifts - I dig the gifts...kinda creepy

Humming bird - duh.... 1 part sugar 4 parts water and red food coloring (Don't listen to the idiots that say don't add the food coloring)

Skull - Can I have your friends head back then? (Finally a funny grave digger)