Wednesday, October 14, 2009

365: Week 41

The week I apparently forgot that I have two other children...

Day 282

October 8: Did you say you weren't sure where Emma wanted you? Let her clarify.

Day 283

October 9: It seems like I'm having one of these "I forgot to take a picture, hurry and shoot the sunset" days at least once a week lately. Luckily the Utah Autumn sky usually obliges.

Day 284

October 10: Popeye, the Pumpkin Man.

We broke out the Halloween Decorations Saturday. This little guys stares at me all October long, with that one good eye -- and he creeps me out.

Day 285

October 11: My brother-in-law, Andrew, rocking my son's face off with his mad Guitar Hero skills.

Day 286

October 12: Learning to read.

Day 287

October 13: Leaving love letters for mommy, on the driveway.

Day 288

October 14: This is a fair description of the kind of day I had today.


Kacey said...

Love letters on the driveway? Now THAT is a love letter I cannot wait to have. I am sure your wife loved it.

On another note - I have to say - that pumpkin guy picture is kinda freaky. ;D lol

Cecily R said...

I keep thinking I need to get on this 365 bandwagon...and then I remember that I don't remember my first name somedays.

LOVE the first picture. Love. It.

Heidi said...

That is a creepy pumpkin. I like the last picture best, its beautiful! Are those more of the weeds you've got growing at work? But I have to admit that I have a weakness for guitar hero. It is literally the only nintendo game I've EVER played.
Great pics this week!

Terri said...

Sunset = way cool.

Pumpkin man = way creepy.

Mom24 said...

Those are great pictures.

Hope today is a better day.

Emily said...

Love letters to Mommy? How precious is that!
I have a brother named Andrew. And he can rock the guitar Jimmy Page style.
And that pumpkin is totally creepy. But vegetables designed to look like faces generally creep me out.

Upward Falling Autumn said...

Your backup plan sunset pic is better than my planned ones! I love the letters in the driveway - adorable!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...


Need I say more?

I think not.