Wednesday, August 19, 2009

365: Week 33

A week of Beauty

Day 226

August 13: I had to get a new car. The transmission on the old Ford Bronco was just about gone, in fact I wasn't sure I would make it home from work, so I swung into a local car dealership. And they set me up with this baby!

It's silver!

It's a Nissan Sentra!

It's the sporty package!

It's a 2004!

It has a V-6

It's only got 59,000 miles on it!

It has a Rockford Fosgate sound system!

It goes where I point it, and it is VERY zippy!

I now look forward to left turns.

Day 227

August 14: The Relay for Life.

We stayed up all night.

And walked in endless circles.

For cancer prevention.

(I'm not sure how it all works, but I was there to support my wife and mother-in-law, both cancer survivors).

It was actually a lot of fun -- until we were rained out at 6 am.

Day 228

August 15: We lost half the day sleeping, but we still managed to get some frisbee time in, in the late, the early evening -- one of our favorite summer evening activities.

Matt's an odd duck (on so many levels) -- he is left handed, but he throws a frisbee and shoots a basketball with his right hand.

Day 229

August 16: Since we got so little sleep on Friday night/Saturday morning, we thought we should get up at 5:30 on Sunday morning, and head to Eden for the Ogden Valley Hot Air Ballon Festival.

We got lost, but finally made it to the launch site just as the balloons were taking flight.

I had never been to a hot air ballon festival before, what a gorgeous morning!

We're going to hit the Antelope Island Hot Air Balloon Festival over Labor Day weekend.

We're hot air balloon junkies now! (If only we could afford to actually ride in one....)

Day 230

August 17: I'm afraid, looking back on this project, that by the summer, the majority of the pictures will be of something in my backyard.

Just like this one.

But, I thought the sky was pretty tonight.

Day 231

August 18: If the sky last night was pretty, the sky tonight was almost heart stopping.

It was my wife's birthday, and after opening presents and basically bumming around the house for a while, we decided to head out to Bountiful Lake (which is more like a pond with delusions of grandeur) for an hour or so, before sunset.

We watched the fish stocking truck fill the lake with channel catfish. We watched a couple of little field mice run, endlessly, in and out of their little hole to see if we were still there.

We were.

Then, as the sun set, the real show began.

I've always been a sunset guy, but this may have been the best I've ever seen.

Day 232

August 19: I wish I was ending this on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, this week. This little dragonfly seems so anti-climactic after that sunset.


Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

your final picture is exciting to a wildlife geek with a soft spot for odonata.

While the sunset was beautiful, the dragonfly was stunning and so wonderfully unexpected. I love these tiny beautiful creatures - I love that something so odd could still be so lovely...

But I guess this really goes to show beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder :)

Lovely pics as always!!

Anonymous said...

Your new can is beautiful! My car is silver. I just have a thing for silver vehicles. :)
That sunset was OMG! Your final picture is breathtaking as well. Butterflies and Dragonflies have a soft spot in my heart.

kris... said...

That sunset is absolutely breathtaking, and I loved the dragonfly after it! I've been trying to take one picture a day just in August - it's HARD! I've enjoyed seeing all of yours.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh no! the dragon fly rocks on it's own. :) but that sunset is pretty amazing. WOW!

love the angle of the car shot as well.

Tom said...

Chris, I have had my Nissan Sentra since 1994. It has given me zero problems and runs really well. I hope you have many great years together. Congrats! Angela Jordan

Suzanne said...

You may have just convinced me to go back to Hot Air Balloon festivals - I've only been to 2 - I went to one in Park City as a Young Woman and then I caught one in Japan, too, but that was 17 years ago, so I think it's time for another one!

madballoonz said...

Day 229: In ballooning circles you would be known as a balloonatic - people who follow the festivals looking for a ride. Hang in there, you never know, it might happen :)

Emily said...

Bugs (all bugs) freak me out.
The Relay for Life is amazing...I've done it before. I'm sure it's even more amazing do participate with a cancer survivor.
Beautiful sunset.
My car is silver too...dirt shows up really well. And everyone has silver. But, hey, a reliable car is always preferable over a car that might crash and burn any second, right!? And you got the sport package...wild man!