Wednesday, August 26, 2009

365: Week 34

Day 233

August 20: Shooting stars?

I've taken more pictures of weeds this year than I ever would have imagined.

Day 234

August 21: The Bountiful LDS Temple. This is where we spent a very serene evening -- it had been quite a while, and it was nice to go back.

Leaving the temple, and hurrying home to pack for our early morning departure, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't taken a picture yet, so I shot this as I drove by. Which explains the quality of the image. It's a much more beautiful building than this shot conveys.

Day 235

August 22: Cairns.

These little piles of stones are ubiquitous in the National Parks of the southwest. They mark the general trails to and from the sights. As long as you can see a cairn, you're going to be okay.

Assuming the 110 degree heat doesn't kill you.

(Luckily it's a dry heat...)

Day 236

August 23: On the four hour drive home from Moab, after two early mornings and two days full of hiking in the desert heat, I needed something the keep me awake, so I fell back on my old habit of sticking the camera out the window.

I realize it's probably not the safest thing to do -- but it's better than falling asleep.

I love this shot. It looks like something from the movie Cars, doesn't it?

Day 237

August 24: These dirty little toes are on the feet of our last first grader.

As of today, all of our kids are in school for the whole day.

My wife celebrated the entire day.

Day 238

August 25: My favorite feature of my new car -- the sun roof.

Now I don't have to hang my expensive cameras out of the windows, I can just shoot straight up.

It's MUCH safer.

Day 239

August 26: While we were in Moab over the weekend, we stayed at the Best Western Canyonlands Inn. I highly recommend it -- it was probably the most comfortable economy motel I've ever stayed in. And if you can leave at the spur of the moment, I also recommend going through Priceline -- I got a $150 room for $75. Plus, you HAVE to love the amenities:

Two comfortable queen beds.

One sofa bed.

Free breakfast.

Flat screen TV.

Free coffee (which doesn't do us much good).

And two complimentary paper towels -- to use as you see fit.

(Yes, I took BOTH of them).


Terri said...

That first photo is awesome. How'd you do that?

Yes, I've taken a few photos out my sunroof too, aren't they great? Still, not so safe except for the cameras.

Kristen said...

Love the road shot in Moab.

I LOVE Moab! One of our favorite places to visit.

Corey~living and loving said...

seriously dude. You rock the party. that first one...amazing....and the slanted from the car one. WOW!

kaye said...

Moab is grand. My favorite trip down there was when the Olympic torch arrived at Delicate Arch. I took my kids down to watch. A Navajo gave a prayer right there under the arch as the sun came up, and then the torch was passed on for it's run through the state. It was amazing.

I'm glad your wife enjoyed all her time alone :)

Kacey R. said...

Love the photo of the road coming back from Moab. I get to hear stories about Moab all of the time from my Honey - hiking, camping, dirt biking....I think I would just stay at the Best Western - sounds fabulous. :D

Melissa said...

Your right... that does look like a s cene out of "CARS".

Glad you had a great trip... sometimes those quick, spur of the moment trips are the best!!

Mom24 said...

Great shots. What a deal on the hotel. I hope the bathroom had more than paper towels though, can't you see it coming to that someday?

Heidi said...

Great photos!!! I can't figure out how you did the first firework looking weed. It's fantastic.
I will agree with you on the cars shot, I just watched that movie and I think they have a shot that looks just like that. When you said you were sleepy while driving I expected you to say you stopped to get some caffine. Shooting to stay awake is something I've never heard of before.
BTW Moab has even better bed and breakfasts, next time you go down check one out. They are fantastic!

Michelle said...

Chris -- by the end of the year you will be able to have a show of all your fab weed shots. The blue background of the dandelion is beautiful.

Love the out the window shot as well. Now that you have a sunroof you can shot out of that!!

Emily said...

That first picture is really cool. How'd you get it to look like that?
Is that the temple in SLC? We used to live near the one in DC.
Yes, you are truly Lightening McQueen.
All kids in school...ahhhh...some days I can't wait to be there!

Krystyn said...

That picture on the road is awesome! I would be so nervous dangling my camera out the window.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Temples, weeds, rocks, heck you even make asphalt look great.

Cecily R said...

I swear I can HEAR the zooming car sounds when I look at your road shot.

And I need night shooting lessons from you.