Wednesday, October 21, 2009

365: Week 42

Day 289

October 15: As a photographer, you are attracted to light. You notice how things are lit -- especially if the lighting is dramatic. On Wednesday morning, as I was cleaning in the warehouse, I kept noticing this beat up old trash can that I had sitting in the open doorway, as the early morning sun shone on it.

I really have no other explanation as to why I took this picture. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

It's a good thing this year is almost up...

Day 290

October 16: Farmington Pond. I was scouting locations for Saturday, when I would be taking engagement pictures for my brother-in-law, and his soon-to-be-fiance.

Which brings us to...

Day 291

October 17: Andrew and Michelle.

I took this shot on Main Street in Bountiful, Utah. It's the side of an old, abandoned welding building. We could see this door from several blocks away. I love the character of the wall surrounding the doorway, and the contrast of the red door against the stark white wall.

Actually, from a distance, it looked like there were steps in front of the door. Once we got there however, we realized that not only were there no steps, but the doorway was about four feet off the ground, with a ledge of about four inches to stand on. But Andrew and Michelle are troopers (not to mention YOUNG), and hopped right up.

I love this shot.

Day 292

October 18: The Bountiful Utah, LDS Temple.

On our way back from viewing the Autumn colors up Meuller Park Canyon, we passed by the temple, and I shot it against the sinking sun. I like the way the building is in silhouette, but the statue on the spire is lit up (I told you photographers like dramatic lighting.)

Day 293

October 19: I caught this image on the front steps late Monday night. What do you suppose it is?

Day 294

October 20: State Street, Farmington, Utah. Autumn.

Day 295

October 21: Unknown marshy weeds, on the drive home.

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I included a good weed shot.


Emily said...

I saw those shots on FB and wondered if they were engagement pictures. They were great and what a sweet looking couple.
I love the name Bountiful.
It looks like a shadow of someone walking inside somewhere. Someone with long hair...maybe your wife or daughter?
The leaves are just finally starting to change here. Finally!!!

Kat said...

Wow. You rock. Those shots are amazing.
Bountiful. As in the movie "Trip to Bountiful"? I love that movie.
That shot looks like someone's shadow. But it is pretty creepy. ;)

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I love the shot of those two in the doorway! Incredible!!!

Do you have a ghost?? ;)

Corey~living and loving said...

I for one will be sooooooooooooo sad when this year is over for you. all of this weeks photos are just plain amazing. You are always such an inspiration. Wow!

have a great day!

{krista} said...

I am just in awe....

Michelle said...

Great weeks worth of shots.

I get the trash can shot. In fact I just got done taking a very contrasty shot of my cat peeking out under the garage door. It's all about the light.

Love the couple shot as well. I need to look for neat doors around here. :)

Was that the shot of the grim reaper coming to take your job away??