Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just Play It Loud, OK?

There are some songs that just cannot be contained. They need to be played loud. They were made to blow the doors off of cars, and the windows out of houses. The louder you play these songs, the better they sound...

Here, in no particular order, are eleven songs that you can take to eleven on that volume knob:

1. Paradise City: Guns 'n' Roses. 

This song is the definition of an arena anthem. You'll notice that most of these songs have a couple of things in common -- thundering drums and driving guitars. The first time you hear the beat of the bass drum, you realize that the volume is not up nearly loud enough.

2. Livin' on  a Prayer: Bon Jovi.

While I've always really liked this song, it's not my favorite Bon Jovi song -- that would be Blood on Blood. Having said that, this song epitomizes what Bon Jovi does best: Love, Longing and Loyalty. The chorus just screams at life -- You live for the fight, when that's all that you got!

3. I Remember You: Skid Row

This is the best produced song I have ever heard. I don't know how they did it -- but no matter how loud you turn this song up, it remains clear as a bell. Sebastian Bach (seriously, if you're going to steal a  name...) has an amazing range, and his voice is the most powerful in all of hard rockdom. 

4. Total Eclipse of the Heart: Bonnie Tyler

Don't judge me. 

5. Rock and Roll: Led Zeppelin

It's called Rock and Roll, for crying out loud! This is the granddaddy of every song on this list. And it features a piano -- how cool is that?!

6. Thunderstruck: AC/DC

I swear this guy gargles gravel. It literally makes my throat hurt to listen to him sing (or growl, as the case may be). This song has the same qualities as Paradise City. Actually, I considered Back in Black -- but that seemed too obvious. 

7. Enter Sandman: Metallica

There are a handful of songs that have perfect beginnings -- Welcome to the Jungle, by Guns 'n' Roses; Where the Streets Have No Name, by U2; Thunderstruck, by AC/DC...and Enter Sandman. 

8. Panama: Van Halen

If you're looking for pounding drums and driving guitars, look no further than the Van Halen boys. This is not remotely my favorite Van Halen song, but for pure blow the doors off, shutter the windows, hide the women and children, volume 11 power, it doesn't get better than Panama. 

9. Nothin' but a good time: Poison

Loud music has basically one reason for existing -- to tell the world that, right now, nothing else matters but having a good time. And that's okay.  
If wantin' the good life is such a crime, lord then put me away...YEAH!

10. Kickstart my heart: Motley Crue

This is from Motley Crue's (I don't know how to put that little dot thingy over the "o" and the "u") sober period. They had just cleaned themselves up, and produced their best album ever -- Dr. Feelgood -- which spawned several great songs, but none that matched this anthem to adrenaline.

11. Radar Love: White Lion

Rarely, and I mean RARELY, do I like I remake better than the original. This is one of the rare exceptions. And it's by White Lion. White Lion! Half the time I can't remember the name of this group  -- Great White? Whitesnake? Well, it's one of those white groups -- they literally had only one hit: When the Children Cry. Gag. The original version of Radar Love, by Golden Earring (whose name is even dumber than White Lion), isn't even in the same universe as this rock solid song. It's so good loud that I can almost forgive the motorcycle sound effects in the middle of the song. Almost. 

So, what did I leave off?


Emily said...

Oh My. Goodness. You just made the best song list ever. Until Radar love. You went a little too far there. ;)
Add Over the Hills and Far Away and Black Dog (LZ)
Home Sweet Home (MC)
Nobody's Fool (Cinderella)

I bet our ipods would really like each other.

hebba said...

Oh, the eighties! You just took me back to my headbanging days. Singing Bark at the Moon and howling out the window!
Summer Nights -- Van Halen
Highway Star-- Deep Purple
Running Down a Dream -- Tom Petty
Don't Stop Believing -- Journey