Monday, March 11, 2013

Ten Things I Think About

Ten things I sometimes think about:

1. Why were the Superfriends so stupid? They fell for the Legion of Doom's schemes EVERY. TIME!

2. Why was the Legion of Doom so obsessed with money? They can zap the Superfriends into story books. They can even travel back in time, and prevent Kal-El from reaching earth, and becoming Superman. And with all that power, all they ever wanted to do was steal the worlds money. For what purpose? After they have all the money, are they actually going to give it back, by going on a massive shopping spree?

3. If Indiana Jones and James Bond had a child, it would be Lara Croft. Don't think too hard about that one -- it isn't pretty.

4. The greatest rock song of all time is...wait for it...Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd.

5. I learned more from Schoolhouse Rock than I did from elementary school.

6. I could give you a tour of Disneyland, and show you cool things that you've never seen. Do you know what a smellitzer is?

7. I think maybe Casey Kasem did every voice over, on Saturday morning television, in the 1970's and 80's.

8. I would go to the moon in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't go to Mars. Not yet.

9. Cracking a bullwhip is a delicate act. And you can't swing on it -- Indiana Jones and Zorro, notwithstanding.

 10. I believe in Bigfoot. And really big sheep. 

1 comment:

Cecily R said...

You, my friend, are delightfully weird. And wise. :)