Wednesday, January 7, 2009

365: Week One

This post was inspired by Candy over at Everyone has a story to Tell... Candy is a great photographer, and has decided to take on the immense challenge of documenting the life of her family through a photograph a day, for the entire year. She also invited/challenged others to jump on the bandwagon. I've been undecided as to whether I was up to it, but I've been taking pictures everyday, just in case.

 I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and commit publicly to do it, and I'm probably going to post the pictures about once a week. Even after only a week, looking back at a snapshot from each day tells me so much about that day -- so much that I would not have consciously thought of, or else would have forgotten already.  It's a fascinating exercise. 

Thanks for the inspiration Candy. 

Here goes:

Week 1

Day One

January 1st is my favorite day of January. In fact it 's the only day I like in January. See -- January first is my last paid holiday until Memorial Day. And it's snowy. And it's cold. And I have to register my car in January. These are things I dislike immensely. But I love the first day of the year. Today we celebrated with pancakes.

Day Two

January 2. My first day back at work -- this was not a day I was looking forward to. It was grey and snowy that day, but before the storm blew in, the morning began with a brief, but beautiful sunrise. This was taken from the porch outside my office, and it was the prettiest thing I saw that day -- at least until Utah creamed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl that night!

Day 3

January 3. The one thing about snow that I do love is how pretty it is the morning following a big snow storm -- when the sky is blue, and everything else is white. The sky was blue that morning I promise, but I just thought the tree looked better in black and white. I was supposed to be going to the store, to get eggs -- instead I drove around the neighborhood taking pictures of the snow. 

Day 4

January 4. All that cold and snow takes a toll, and we are all down. Notice that we have three bottles of Nyquil -- that's because I like the green stuff, and everyone else likes the cherry flavored. Okay, maybe like was the wrong word.  Notice how empty the bottles are too. 

Day 5

January 5. In January I pull out all my Jimmy Buffett music. It makes me think of warmer places -- places I have never been. One of my favorite songs from Buffett is "Changes in Latitudes/Changes in Attitudes."  Right now I'm thinking about 20 degrees north latitude is about right. It sure beats the 20 degrees I'm currently in (I work twenty miles from home -- it took me two hours to get home tonight. I'm hating snow).

Day 6

January 6. This is the only snow man I want to see until next January. We collect sculptures by Jim Shore -- I love the folk art vibe. 

Day 7

January 7. This is what our lives will revolve around for the next week. Evaporation. Yes kiddies, it's science fair time again. For Matthew's first science project, he has decided to see if water evaporates faster in the sun or the shade. I think I know how this is going to turn out -- but I'll let you know. 

So there you go, one week down fifty one to go. Check in again next week to see how exciting the second week of January was. 

I'm on pins and needles!


Michelle said...

Hey Chris......excellent job. I have been wanting to take on this project for years and finally bit the bullet.

Not sure if I will keep it up, but I'm going to try. I created a separate blog for it to keep them all in one place.

Good luck.

Susan said...

I love it! I have been contemplating the 365 idea too. Each day when I read Candy's blog I think to myself that I want to do it but can't commit to posting it each day. Your idea to do it once a week is great. I am already a week or so behind, but I just may jump on board.

sticky said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Great idea to do once a week, I think you may have inspired me as well....

Wifey Dessert said...

your pictures are awesome!! I have started this project as well but my pics are that good.. i just like to capture something to remember from that day...

Pam Emmons said...

Awesome. I considered doing something like this, but I am just not that good. My pictures would be pretty boring! Oh, and I started collecting Jim Shore this year, too. I really like him.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Very nice series of photos. My favorite is the Tree, I am a huge tree fan! LOL!

I had been considering doing this venture as well, but even 8 days into the year I cannot decide. Maybe I'll jump on board soon.

Can't wait to see your following weeks work.

Alexandria said...

Nifty idea and as always, beautiful pictures. I love your tree picture and have to admit that your picture of those pancakes is awesome.

Melissa said...

What a great idea...and of course your pictures are g-r-e-a-t!!!!
Can't wait to check back every week to see your week in review (with pictures)!!

CC said...

This is so darn cool!!!!!!!!! I'd love to do this project if I had the memory and willpower to download them all....

Just g said...

Jim Shore???I love him...I followed him to your blog! Your blog is interesting.
Wow a picture a day for a year is a huge commitment. I think I could commit to one a month.

Lindsay said...

I really think this is a fun assignment...but since I'm sure all my pictures the first two months would be of my CELING, I have decided to spare everyone the blah-ness that is my life right now. I can't believe you guys have so much Nyquil...