Friday, July 31, 2009

Cleaning the slate: 31 things I don't think I've told you yet...

31 Posts in 31 Days: #31

(I just realized that this is my 32nd straight post. Go figure.)

1. I once handcuffed myself with cuffs that had no key. Had to go to the locksmith. Police had to be called. It was a real highlight.

2. My shoe size is 9.5

3. I've had one article published in a magazine.

4. I splurge on toilet paper. None of that cheap stuff.

5. I gashed my arm open, in the third grade, on my best friend's watch. I still have the three inch scar, and he's still my best friend.

6. I believe in ghosts.

7. I'm an optimist.

8. Trying to take one interesting picture each day is harder than it sounds.

9. I have the odd distinction of having been the oldest child, the youngest child, an only child, and, ultimately, the middle child. I think I may have mentioned this before.

10. I write with gel ink.

11. I like the smell of Sharpie markers -- the big ones!

12. I can't cut straight lines to save my life.

13. I always order the same pizza from Dominos: Pepperoni, mushrooms and olives.

14. Mesa Arch is a sacred place to me.

15. I ALWAYS have at least six of the screw driver that I don't need, and zero of the one I do.

16. I think Thomas Jefferson is flawed and fascinating.

17. I never smoked or drank (you know, alchohol).

18. I have sixteen keys on my key ring. And I have to use every stupid one of them.

19. I'm always on the look out for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

20. I love M*A*S*H

21. And Newhart reruns.

22. I wish I had a brother named Darryl.

23. And another brother named Darryl.

24. If Facebook had a quiz "Which M*A*S*H character are you?" I would be Henry Blake.

25. I'm going to write a song by the end of the year. Hold me to this.

26. I can do that little "flip the pen around the thumb" trick that debaters and nervous people do.

27. My kids think I'm a dork, and they tell me so.

28. I try to see others point of view.

29. I gained two pounds this week. Then lost it. Then gained it back. Should I be worried?

30. I'm going camping as soon as I finish writing this. Pray for me, I'm not a good camper.

31. I won't have time to proof read this, feel free to point out my grammatical errors!

Have a great weekend!!


Momisodes said...


Where is the blog post story for #1?!


I totally splurge on TP, too. I can't deal with the thin, rough stuff.


Can Sharpie sniffing cause sudden weight loss or gain? :)

Aaron said...

#1 and #5 belong to me.

For #1 - Chris was at my house (where he always was) and playing with a pair of real handcuffs that belonged to my Grandfather. He put them on his wrists THEN asked for the key.

We didn't have one. He thought we were kidding.

We had to go to the local police station to get him unlocked. They were a little suspicious.

#5 - His scar is a permanent reminder you shouldn't try to punch your friend in the face. He tried to hit me and I put my arm up to block....the latch of my watch caught him in the arm and ripped a 2.5 inch gash (1 inch deep....really it was that big) right in the fleshy part of his bicep.

He'll never forget me....I tatooed myself on him that day.

Truthfully, I thought he was going to kill me....but he let me live. I think in some dark corner of his mind he is still planning revenge.

Catey said...

What are you, a janitor?! 16 stinkin' keys?!

Geesh, next thing you know you'll be singing the praises of school lunch or something.

kaye said...

good luck with the camping thing

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What is it with scars? I cut my chin open in my boyfriend's car during a crash. Now he's my husband. As a kid, my brother reached over the invisible your side/my side of the car and scratched me and left a scar. He's still my brother.

#9 applies to me too!

Terri said...

Um, how does #9 work? I've tried to work it out in my head, but I haven't had my coffee yet.

If we don't hear from you by Monday, we'll send a search party. Good luck with those bears.

#29: probably just water retention. Women go through this all the time. Not to worry.

Kat said...

That was fun. I liked it! :)
Have a great time camping. And luck! ;)

Anonymous said...

you're so cute.

Emily said...

Hm, kind of wished you had given the backstory on #1.

I totally believe in ghosts too.

How does #9 even work?

What's with the Darryl fascination?

If I could be a MASH character I would want to be Hot Lips

No, weight can easily fluctuate within 2-5 lbs within one day.

What kind of song?

Good luck camping! I've been been (and never plan on going either!)

Corey~living and loving said...

I always enjoy posts like this.

hope camping is going well. I just got back. a bee stung my bum. that sucked.