Saturday, July 6, 2013

100 Words: The Sky

Six days into this, and I'm already stumped, so I turned where else? To Jordan and her teenage friends. Tonight's post is brought to you by Annie Price.

(Those first twenty-eight words don't count)

(Neither do those six...)

There is nothing like the sky. 

The sky inspires us. The sky is a fantastic illusion. In the light of day, the sky is a jewel, ever changing, from a blue sapphire at noon, to a pearl after the rainstorm, to a fiery western ruby, at sunset.

Sometimes we paint the sky. 

Sometimes God paints the sky. 

At night, the sky opens up, and we send our wishes to the stars, and we look up, into the face of time.

The sky is where we dream. We dream of flight. We dream of other worlds. 

 We look up, always up.

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