Saturday, June 2, 2012

366: Week 22

Day 149

May 27: I know I started last week off with a picture of Ethan as well, but the truth is, if we go to Ethan's house, the picture of the day is going to be Ethan.

It's a commandment.

Here he is with his good buddy, Grandpa.

Day 150

May 28: We took a walk through all the beautiful new developments in downtown Salt Lake City, on Memorial Day. There are some amazing new things to do and see in the City Creek Center, but there is something to be said for old beauty as well. I can never pass the crown jewel of the city -- the Salt Lake Temple -- without taking a quick picture.

Day 151

May 29: Want a tip on taking pictures of the moon? Shoot it in the blue, when it shows up in the afternoon sky, then drop the exposure until the sky goes black.

I find when I try to shoot the moon at night, it's too bright to get any definition.

Day 152

May 30: Here is Jordan admiring her handiwork. She was on the Junior High Yearbook staff this year. More than that, she was the chief photographer -- the only one allowed to use the BIG camera. Guess who took the first picture in the book?

She is very proud of herself.

Don't tell her, but I'm even more proud of her.

Eh, go ahead and tell her.

Day 153

May 31: I have an iPod Touch that does all of the cool stuff -- game, videos, browsing the internet, music...

But this little iPod shuffle is my work horse. This is where I load my books. As an autodidact (one who self educates), I get most of my information from audio books. In just the last month or so, I have spent time with the American Revolution, Plato, Socrates, Thoreau, Twain. and the WWI roots of the conflict in the Middle East.

Oh, and Joan of Arc and Cleopatra.

I love this little guy.

Day 154

June 1: The overpass near my house.

10:30 pm

Where are all these people going?

Day 155

June 2: Boart Longyear Day at the Hogle Zoo.

The company I work for rents out our zoo once a year, and we have the chance to go to the zoo after it has closed to the general public. Today we saw the baby elephant (and his possibly newly pregnant mommy...), as well as the other new additions to our zoo (a polar bear, three grizzlies, three seals and a sea lion -- we haven't had any of these animals in close to a decade).

One of the perks of this trip is the chance to ride the Zoo Carousel, as much as we would like. Here's a shot of my little tiger riding her own tiger.

I was on the giant praying mantis, racing a turtle and a turkey.

I won.

What a great day.

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