Sunday, June 10, 2012

When I write my book...

When I write my book:

It will be a love letter to the greatest hometown anyone has ever grown up in. A world five streets wide, and jam packed with dirt hills and basketball courts and so many doors to knock on Halloween night, that you wouldn't finish your candy by Easter. A town where kids were kids and life was colored in the golden hues of a summer afternoon.

It will be a shout out to the generation called X. You, the kids privileged to come up in the Twilight of Innocence -- that magical era, in the fading glow of the Space Age, and before the dawn of the information age, when the world was still small, and dreams were big.

There will be dinosaur bone excavations and bike jumps and Atari and Big Gulps and shooting arrows like Bo and Luke Duke and huts and trampolines and cuts and scrapes and broken bones and tennis racket guitar concerts and chinese stars and skateboards and Star Wars (lots of Star Wars) and Saturday morning cartoons and sleeping under the stars and construction and destruction and fire and ice and Indiana Jones and watching the sunset from the roof and ghetto blasters and capes and super heroes and cowboys and indians and pvc light sabers and things I probably shouldn't let my mom read. Or my kids for that matter.

And Star Wars. A lot of Star Wars.

And most of all, it will be a thank you to the greatest best friend anyone has ever had.

Aaron, for more than thirty five years now, you've stood by my side. You've led me into danger, and back out the other side -- mostly unscathed (though everyone needs at least one good scar). We stood by each other, as our families fell apart. We made each other better. We complimented each other and completed each other. A best friend is hard to quantify, and to this day, I don't think I can adequately describe our friendship to anyone. If you're Han Solo, I'm Luke Skywalker. If you're Bill, I'm Ted. Best friend doesn't cover it. Neither does brother.

My story is our story. The adventure that is my life would have been stillborn without you.

I pity the rest of the universe.

And that's what will be in my book...


Tera said...

I want to read it. Let me know when it gets published. :)

Sheri said...

Beautiful! And now I'm craving another of your stories of crazy stuff you did as a kid :)

Kimmie said...

I haven't heard the word "Ghetto Blaster" since I was a kid!!

OH the stories of our youth...that molded and shaped us into who we are today. I can't wait to read your story!

It's inspiring me to want to dig deep inside and start sharing memories from my youth and younger years!

BTW...nothing better than having a best friend to go through your youth and teenage years were SO lucky. Unfortunately, my life wasn't so lucky in that respect.