Saturday, June 23, 2012

366: Week 24 -- The Alphabet

 June 17 - 23

Days 170 through 176

This week I took a little detour from the norm.

I decided to try and shoot the entire alphabet in a week. The rules were the letters had to NOT be intentional letters, and I had to shoot four consecutive letters each day, but once I had taken a picture of a certain letter, I allowed myself to shoot the same letter again, if I came across a better example.

It was a more fascinating project than I had anticipated, to walk around for a week, looking at everything as a potential letter.

I tried to steer away from the really obvious choices.

Some worked better than others.

Lessons I learned?

"Q" is easier to find than "R"

Sometimes you just have to call it what you want it to be, and hope everyone goes along. See "R" and "V" and "G" and "J"

People will think you're weird if you stop and stare at a rock wall outside a restaurant, hoping to find an "S"