Friday, June 22, 2012

The perfect roasted marshmallow

Sitting in front of the fire pit, contemplating the perfect roasted marshmallow...

Here's the breakdown, so far, family member by family member:

Emma: Put it in the fire until it burns and falls off. Repeat.

Matt: "Take a marshmallow, and put it on whatever marshmallow roaster you have. Then you want to stick the marshmallow over some hot coals. No flames, so it doesn't burn. Then slowwwwwwwwwly twist it, to make sure every part is golden brown. Once you have that you pull the marshmallow back and enjoy. Unless the marshmallow is on fire. That's not as enjoyable." Repeat.

Jordan: Stick it in the flames until it is a raging ball of molten sugar, then pull it out and bring it way too close to your face as you try to blow it out. Flaming marshmallow attaches to your bottom lip. Fling it around hysterically and try to get burning marshmallow on as many family members as possible. Try NOT to repeat.

Sharon: See Matt's version. Let the marshmallow just start to bubble. The bubble is the thing. When the bubble appears, perfection is near.

Chris: Untwist hangers because marshmallow roasters are MIA. Place marshmallow on skewer and stick in fire. Help kids with their marshmallows, forget about yours. It burns. Place another marshmallow on skewer, place in fire. Dodge Jordan's flaming projectile. Marshmallow burns. Place ANOTHER marshmallow on skewer, place in fire. Get mesmerized by the flames. Marshmallow burns. Eat it anyway.



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Cajoh said...

This comes on the weekend that we normally go camping, but alas we did not this year. I usually try to make mine not catch fire and have a nice even brown color over the whole thing. If you take it off the stick and there's still some left on you didn't leave it in long enough.

Thanks for sharing,