Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten Songs on my iPod

It's time for another edition of: The Next Ten Songs on My iPod.

Ipod set to shuffle...and here we go:

1. You're the Inspiration -- Chicago

This song takes me back to my childhood living room, and our record player. I'm singing (earnestly) to any of a number of fifth grade beauties, with names like Abby and Kim and Lisa...

2. Glory of Love -- Peter Cetera

What are the odds? A Chicago song, followed by a Peter Cetera song. This song is iconic to my generation. This is the love song from The Karate Kid part 2 -- the best of the Karate Kid movies. 
Live or die man?!

3. The Living Years -- Mike and the Mechanics

This song ought to make me think about the passing of my father, and the birth of my son -- it practically tells the story. But that's not what it makes me think of -- when I hear this song, I think about the girl I kissed over Christmas break, when I was sixteen. 

4. Grease -- Franki Valli

This is a great movie, but to tell you the truth, I love Grease 2 even more -- the movie AND the soundtrack. 

5. Don't Stop -- Fleetwood Mac

I love the message of this song. Never stop. Never give up. Keep looking for the positive. Things change when you believe they can change. 

6. Playing With the Boys -- Kenny Loggins

Another iconic song. If Kenny Loggins isn't on the soundtrack of your generation, then you're not part of that generation called X. The volleyball scene from Top Gun -- this was the reason girls watched Top Gun. So says my wife.

7. Make it with you -- Bread

This song takes me waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy back to when I was very little. My parents were in to that mellow 70's sound. Why are they called Bread? I've always wondered that...

8.Rhythm of My Heart -- Rod Stewart

I love the visuals that this song paints -- of a neighborhood celebrating. Remember when we used to do things like that? I like happy songs. 

9. Dream Weaver -- Gary Wright

I don't have the same connection to this song that others my age have - namely Wayne's World. I was serving and LDS mission at the time that that movie came out. Actually, I have a two year pop culture gap -- any reference to anything that happened between the end of 1991 and the end of 1993, is completely lost on me. 

10. Here I am -- Air Supply

I was a BIG Air Supply fan when I was young. I went to see them for my twelfth birthday. My next concert was Neil Diamond. Then Lionel Richie. 

Eventually I got cooler. 

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Shawna Long said...

Great songs along with GREAT memories!