Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photostory Friday: Weeds

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 I take a lot of pictures of  flowers.

But, sometimes I take pictures of weeds too. And every time I do, I wonder at the natural beauty of weeds -- I also wonder what makes a weed a weed?

Photographing weeds is a very deliberate process for me. Taking pictures of flowers is easy. Flowers were made to have their pictures taken. But weeds are a different story. Weeds require more effort on my part. They require patience, and setting aside some preconceived notions about beauty. 

Weeds have taught me to look closer. They have taught me to expect the unexpected -- that changing your perspective changes your experience. They have taught me that this world is a spectacular show. They have shown me that if you go searching for beauty, you will find it. 

But, mostly, photographing weeds has shown me that if you treat something as though it has value, it will, eventually, become something valuable. 

I suppose there's a lesson here somewhere...

1 comment:

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

LOVE, love, love your photographs of weeds.

You know that Delia's favorite flowers are weeds because I always let her pick them.