Tuesday, June 19, 2012

State of the Psyche

(I like the title of this post so much, I may make it a regular feature)

So, you want to know what I think? You must, you're here.

Both of you.

Well, I'll tell you.

(Don't say I didn't warn you)

I think we're pretty lucky to live here on the Earth -- scientists say that we're arrogant for thinking we're anything special when, in fact, we are an insignificant speck in the vast universe. To which I say, show me one other known place in that universe that contains ANY life at all. It may be out there, but we haven't found it yet. I'd say life makes us very significant.

I think someone ate one of the cookies that my kids gave me for Father's Day. It wasn't me. I don't think they got those cookies for me.

I think Microsoft's new tablet is going to bomb.

I think the Avengers was a great movie.

I think if they ever actually make a Justice League movie, it will crash and burn.

I think love and falling in love and being in love are all different things --and of the three, love is the most important.

I think I can't watch a musical water fountain without smiling.

I think laying on your back on the trampoline, on a warm summer evening, and staring into the face of time itself, is more fun than staining the fence.

I think Mark Twain is the voice of America. Or at least he should be.

I think Henry David Thoreau was a blowhard, more impressed with his own brilliance than anyone else, full of opinions about things he never experienced, and I can't read more than three fourths of anything he wrote, without wanting to slap him, and tell him to get a real job.

I think "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" looks very interesting.

I think I'm a little embarrassed to have written that last sentence.

I think I'm ready to turn forty.

I think forty is the new twenty...ish.

I think my daughter's summer plan to "Make a Rainbow" makes me so happy that I get a little misty eyed.

I think rainbows are wonderful, and I wish they hadn't be co-opted for political purposes. Rainbows belong to all of us.

I think Mitt Romney will beat Barak Obama.

I think people will be surprised that having a Mormon in office is not the end of the world.

I think December 21, 2012 won't be the end of the world either -- but I think we should have a party anyway.

I think I don't think about current events very often anymore.

I think I don't miss it much.

I think I walk about a half mile when mow my grass.

I think my oldest daughter will break hearts some day.

I think my youngest daughter will break someone's nose someday.

I think my wife has earned every one of her "silver highlights" and she's never been more beautiful.

I think my son will pass me in height, strength and genuine coolness, faster than I want to admit.

I think the mother who was arrested in Salt Lake, Sunday night, for taking her nine month old and her two year old, along on a drive-by shooting,  is not a very good mother.

I think blogging every day is a giant pain in the posterior, but so are a lot of other things I do every day.

I think if you are still reading this, you are a true and loyal friend, and if I had anything to give you, I would....but I don't.

So, you'll just have to settle for a piece of my mind.

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Aaron said...

I'll give you a piece of my mind.....all these years, all these great times, I give you a major award and you STILL don't have it posted.