Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten To-do's in June

Mama’s Losin’ It
So, through a blog friend of a blog friend, I stumbled across Mamakat and her weekly writing workshop, where she tosses out a few writing prompts each week, and bloggers gather together to see what each other have to say (does that sentence make sense?).

Well, I thought, that's right up my alley...

So, here goes:

Ten To-do's in June

(This is also right up my alley -- I'm a list guy. At any given time I have five to seven lists in my back pocket. I can't remember what's on them but whatever it is, it's important -- or I wouldn't have written it down. Duh.)

1. Plant the Garden.

(I can do better than that)

2. Learn to play one song perfectly on my ukulele.

(I have a theory that ukulele music makes people smile, and smiles fix just about anything. Except cars.)

3. Go somewhere beautiful.

(I live in Utah, where beauty abounds)

4. Mark the anniversary of the day I proposed.

5. Love my wife more tomorrow than I did today.

(That's a tall order)

6. Take someone's breath away.

(Truthfully, the one whose breath I've taken away most often is my own -- Life amazes me)

7. Honor the memory of my father, and the life of my son.

(The two never met. My dad passed away six months before my son was born, but I feel him -- I really do -- when Matthew and I play catch, or shoot baskets. I feel his approval. I feel a circle completing)

8. Start writing that book.

(You know, that book that's been writing itself in your head for ten years. That homage to your hometown. That love letter to your generation. That book where you reveal all the things you did that will give your mother a retroactive heart attack).

9. Follow my own advice to my children: Get to know my world. Hold it, taste it, feel it, take it apart, put it back together (disregard the left over pieces), conquer it, stand in awe of it.

(Time's ticking, and there's so much to see)

10. Stain the fence.

(I may not get to this one)


Aaron said...

....And just how is that book coming? Eh?

RobynHTV said...

I love your list - so many sweet to-dos for your wife and kids. :) I also like the description of your book as a love letter to your generation that gives your mother a retroactive heart attack - I want to write that book, too!

Unknown said...

You're going to be busy this month. But good for you for focusing on being a more awesome, loving person. School gets out for The Dudes tomorrow and June here will entail keeping them busy so I don't also go nuts. I'm still working on the specifics of that plan though.

TMWHickman said...

Staining a fence is almost an impossibly lofty goal that most people can only dream of. I hope that you make it!

Kimberly said...

Love 7 and 9...legacy is what it's all about.

Kimmie said...

I'm a list person as well! In fact I'm such a list person that every day when my hubby comes home from work and gives me a big hug, he always likes to stick his hand in my back right pocket and pull out my list to see what I've been working on that day! Many things make him smile, (especially when he sees things like: Bake bread and take to Mrs. "so and so", "romantic evening with Tracy", etc...)

YES, you truly do take our breath away with your photos and words!! I think I may try and do a month of June list...although right now, the biggest thing that I need to work on is getting my blog updated. WAY behind...I think if that's the only thing I get done this month (along with loving and having fun with my kids each day), that will be a major accomplishment for me!!

Michelle said...

I did #10 last summer...it wasn't as soul satisfying as I'd hoped!

hebba said...

that is an inspiring list!