Saturday, June 16, 2012

366: Week 23 (A week in motion)

Day 163

June 10: My wife suggested that I try taking pictures for a week, with the theme of "motion." This means a LOT of blurry pictures -- but if you can capture the blurry right...

Here's Jordan rocking not one but TWO hula hoops!

Day 164

June 11: Two kids swinging. One kid ejecting. They weren't jumping out good enough for me, so I showed them how... I remember becoming airborne, and thinking "this is going to hurt." The next thing I knew, I was lying face down in the grass. And my shoes were gone. They tell me there was also a spectacular cartwheel at the finale. 

Day 165

June 12: I hiked up this little river, that I'm sure must have a name, and found this little waterfall hiding off in a corner of the bank.

This was the first time I hiked to photograph a waterfall this week -- it would not be the last.

Day 166

June 13: I set my camera on a long exposure. Have you wondered what the entire life of a sparkler looks like? Pretty radiant isn't it?

I'm pretty sure this was illegal.

Day 167

June 14: Soccer practice. If Matt could play or even practice soccer all day, every day, he would.

Incidentally, he does not play for BYU, he just lives in those shorts (and he has for three years). The finally almost fit him.

Day 168

June 15: We have a new shopping, dining and entertainment area in Farmington. Friday night was the official unveiling of the musical water fountain. It was very colorful.

And full of motion.

Day 169: Part One

June 16: My son and I hiked to Donut Falls this afternoon. I was so struck by the beauty of the flowing water from inside the grotto at the falls, that I decided to post a bonus picture, in addition to the picture below.

By the way, spending the day before Father's Day, with your son, hiking up the face of a waterfall, to see this sight....I can't imagine a better way to spend an afternoon.

I am the luckiest father of all time.

Part Two

It turns out backflips, like jumping out of swings, are activities perhaps best left to the younger crowd.

Where's the ibuprofen?

(actually, it wouldn't have hurt so much, except that it took 125 shots to get this one -- and that was after the hike...)

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Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

What a great theme...those hula hoops are a mind trip.

And, that grotto shot is just awesome.