Saturday, June 9, 2012

366: Week 23

Day 156

June 3: Well, I already wrote a whole post about these flowers here, but here's the nutshell: June third is the anniversary of the day that I proposed to Sharon. It's been eighteen years, hence the bouquet -- eighteen different flowers.

Day 157

June 4: Emma is different than my other children. Matt and Jordan never had much use for toys (not that we didn't spend a LOT of money buying those toys...), but Emma can spend hours with her dolls, happy and content to get lost in her imagination.

Day 158

June 5: This was my bedtime snack on Tuesday night. It's also the reason that I wasn't feeling so good by around 3:00 in the morning. But what am I supposed to do? They're bite size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

I'm only human.

Day 159

June 6: Remember when you were a teenager, and you became aware of a wider world? You learned that there were things that needed to fixed, causes that needed awareness.

Each one means something.

I love that Jordan wears her causes on her arm.

Day 160

June 7: This is one of my favorite parts of any soccer game. The sportsmanship.

These boys are getting older and the game is becoming more physical. But, when it's all said and done, the boys still line up and shake each other's hands. This goes back to coaching, and Matt has a great coach. He teaches them rules and fundamentals and skills, but most importantly, he teaches them sportsmanship and grace in victory and defeat.

(Matt is number 8 on the Green Team -- the Tusken Raiders)

Day 161

June 8: Sunsets have always fascinated me. Every one is truly unique. I thought of that last night as I was taking this picture. Sometimes, under seemingly identical conditions, the color and the light behave so differently -- tonight the color was localized to a small segment of the horizon, but on another night, it will spread across the sky, from cloud to cloud, until it seems like world is on fire.

Day 162

June 9: I thought this would be a cool, laid back picture of a boy and his guitar. But I can't stop looking at how dirty my hand is.


Cecily R said...

Very cool. LOVE the POV on the doll shot. :)

Michelle said...

Hey Chris. So glad to see you are still plugging away on the project. I quit mid march. I felt like a quitter for about two seconds.

I am glad you are fascinated by sunsets because your shots always wow me. So absolutely gorgeous.

18 flowers for 18 years? You are a rare breed my friend. :)