Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photostory Friday: Touching Hearts

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If you believed that what you said mattered, would you say different things?

If you believed that you could make a difference, would you behave differently?

If you knew that someone looked to you as an example, would you let them down?

I don't generally get stopped in my tracks by a fortune from Panda Express, but this one caught my attention. Not because I necessarily think that I HAVE touched the hearts of many, but because I wondered if I could -- and what have I been doing to this point?

What would it take, to touch the hearts of many?

Should I be listening, instead of lecturing?

Do I heal, or do I open the wound?

If I have a way with words, what does it take for me to penetrate to someone's heart? And are my words hindered by my actions?

I thought of how tender my own heart is, and how little it takes for others to reach it -- and how I can never have too many of those people in my life. And how I want to be someone who touches the hearts of many.

Fortune is a strange and uncertain thing:

"Good luck coming your way soon." 

I'll make my own luck, thanks.

"You will experience a change at work."

Insecurity. Just what I need.


"You will touch the hearts of many."

That's a fortune I can embrace.


Anonymous said...

I tried to comment and alas, Blogger hates me. Anyhow, I said that's beautiful and I believe and hope you will touch the hearts of many. You certainly have touched mine!

Unknown said...

I love that fortune!! Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places!

{Shannon} said...

Very deep thoughts.... but it seems something or someone may be trying to get a message to you? If you believe in those sorts of things. Just sayin'!