Monday, June 25, 2012

I Don't Know

So, I asked Emma what I should write about tonight, and her response was:

"I don't know."

That would be a very short post because, the truth is, there isn't much that Emma doesn't know.

For example:

Emma knows that eagles have see thru eyelids -- so they can still see, when their eyes are closed.

She knows that vultures have bald heads, so they can eat dead animals, and not get blood in their feathers.

She knows that owls don't blink a lot, and they have to turn their heads to be able to see peripherally.

(Emma just checked out ten books on birds, from the library)

She knows how to skip and hula hoop, at the same time.

She knows precisely which buttons to push on everyone.

She knows what iridescent means.

She knows she doesn't like to be mocked. Not "made fun of." Mocked.

She knows that some starlings can mimic the sound of human voices.

She knows that Grover Cleveland was the only President of the United States to serve two, non-consecutive terms.

She knows where everything is. If something is lost in our house we check with Emma first. Seriously.

She knows how to do her mom's nails. And her dad's too -- but that's a secret.

She knows how to climb waterfalls, and make rainbows.

She knows how to find your weak spot -- whatever it is.

She knows how to braid hair.

She knows what makes you tick.

She knows what makes HER talk -- she says that talking is her gift.

She knows the benefit of being the youngest daughter.

She knows that I'll always need her more than she needs me.

Oh, and she knows who Pablo Picasso is.