Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 25

Day 177

June 24: Sometimes our kitchen reaches critical mass -- everything is a mess, everything smells. Please don't stare too long at the contents of my refrigerator.

Day 178

June 25: Welcome to Emma's Outdoor Beauty Salon. Would you prefer red...or red?

Day 179

June 26: There was just this big puddle in the driveway...

Day 180

June 27: Matt and Emma -- missing Jordan, while she's away at Girl's Camp, though unwilling to admit it -- bond over watching fish jump into the sunset.

Day 181

June 28: Say hello to her li'l friend!

Day 182

June 29: I was GOING to mow the lawn, but when I went to get the mower from the shed, I was accosted by a swarm of wasps. How do they build their nests so fast? Well, they won't be inhabiting this any more.

Day 183

June 30: I love the hands of young brides -- they're so delicate and so pensive. One of my favorite things to do is to take wedding and bridal pictures. There are so many beautiful images to be captured and so much happiness -- I love to watch the couple, through the course of the event. Amidst all the craziness, they still find time for stolen glances and little hand squeezes. Or to sit, hands folded quietly, and reflect on the beginning of their new life.

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Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Did I miss these on FB?

The silhouette photo is my favorite. SO beautiful!

I also really like the reflection in the puddle photo. That is pretty awesome.

The bride's hands are very sweet. :) Did you photograph a wedding??